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A highly experienced professional with expertise in Cloud Computing, Software Engineering, and Machine Learning

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About Me

Embarking on a Journey of Technological Impact

My journey from Telangana, India, to Hoboken, New Jersey, reflects my commitment to growth and excellence. My academic voyage commenced at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay), where I delved into the intricacies of Electrical Engineering. My quest for knowledge propelled me to pursue a Master's in Software Engineering at the Stevens Institute of Technology, where I am not only honing my technical acumen but also immersing myself in the culture of innovation that permeates Hoboken, New Jersey.

Bridging Theory and Practice

Professionally, I ventured into the dynamic realm of IT within the banking sector, embracing the role of a Cloud Architect. Here, I wielded the tools of automation and cloud solutions, leaving a mark with my cost-conscious and efficiency-driven approach. My tenure at RBL BANK was punctuated by a commitment to excellence, as evidenced by my contributions to developing groundbreaking banking services and AI/ML models that accentuated customer experience and operational acuity.

A Passion for Problem-Solving

Coding is not just a skill for me; it's a passion that compels me to continually innovate and build. My endeavors in crafting automated cloud solutions are a testament to my drive to provide value to my organization and its clientele. Whether it's scripting to optimize AWS resources or pioneering secure file-sharing platforms, my focus is unwavering: to deliver solutions that resonate with quality and foresight.

Mentorship and Leadership

Recognized for my prowess, I embraced the opportunity to mentor the next generation of technology aficionados as a coach to Technology Trainees. My efforts were acknowledged with a top performer distinction, a nod to my dedication not just to tasks but to nurturing the potential within my team.

Looking Ahead

As I stand today, a Graduate Research Assistant under the tutelage of esteemed faculty, my journey continues. I'm not just building a portfolio of projects; I'm building a legacy of innovation, mentorship, and persistent growth. I extend an invitation to you to explore my portfolio and welcome the opportunity to discuss collaborative ventures that can steer us towards a future replete with technological marvels.

Technical Skills

I am an AWS certified Solutions Architect with a robust set of skills that enable me to build and manage complex software solutions. Below is a list of my technical competencies:

Professional Journey & Signature Projects

As a Cloud Architect and IT Manager at RBL BANK, I have navigated the intricacies of AWS and Azure to enhance our cloud infrastructure significantly. My approach, characterized by judicious cost management and technological astuteness, has yielded substantial savings and fortified security measures, particularly in external file sharing.

My tenure has been defined by strategic foresight and leadership in cloud computing, where I have spearheaded pivotal projects. Initiatives like innovating WhatsApp banking services and deploying sophisticated AI/ML models have not only transformed customer experiences but also benchmarked excellence in IT operations.

For me, coding is a canvas for creativity and innovation. My dedication to problem-solving is evident in my work, from scripting to optimize AWS resource allocation to pioneering secure file-sharing platforms, each project underlined by a commitment to quality and foresight.

Acknowledged as a domain expert, my role extended beyond technical responsibilities to nurturing talent. I actively mentored new entrants, sharing knowledge and experience that foster both individual and collective growth within our team.

My portfolio is a testament to my entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation. Ventures such as developing a cost-effective movie projector and a real-time COVID-19 vaccine slot notifier on AWS have not only challenged industry standards but also underscored my passion for impactful innovation.

Teaching AWS at Stevens Institute of Technology

In my role as a Research Assistant, I focused on educating students in the basics of cloud computing, particularly Amazon Web Services (AWS). This was part of the Software Engineering Lab tutorial series, which featured both lectures and practical, hands-on sessions. These sessions were well-received, with attendance exceeding 50 students. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting a significant boost in the students' confidence regarding cloud computing concepts. To enhance accessibility and learning, I recorded these sessions before presenting them live. Below, you can access the links to these recorded sessions on YouTube.

Teaching CI/CD with GitHub at Stevens Institute of Technology

In collaboration with Dr. Jacqueline Libby, Assistant Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology, I delivered an in-depth tutorial on Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) focusing on GitHub's merging features such as branching, pull requests, and merging. This tutorial was a part of the Software Engineering Lab series designed to provide practical, hands-on experience with modern software development practices.

Solar Panel Installation Tracking Portal Development

In the SSW 555 Agile Methodologies course, we undertook a project to design a web portal for Altice, a notable Fortune 500 company. The project's requirements came directly from a product manager at Altice. Our objective was to create a comprehensive portal that streamlined Altice's solar panel installation process, covering aspects like site surveys, budgeting, procurement, drafting of contracts, installation, and maintenance. The design of the portal was tailored to be intuitive and accommodating for a variety of user profiles. Our team, comprising six members, committed to agile methodologies throughout the development of this project. As the Scrum Master, I played a key role in steering the team towards successfully fulfilling all the project requirements. For a detailed overview of our project, the final presentation is available through the YouTube link provided below.

MATLAB web application

In my capacity as a Research Assistant, I was tasked with creating a MATLAB web application. This application allows users to upload MATLAB files, which are then executed on the server, with the results displayed directly on the web interface. To achieve this, I set up a server running on an AWS EC2 instance, where the MATLAB application was installed. This setup eliminated the need for users to install MATLAB on their own systems, offering them the convenience of using the web application instead. Developing this application posed significant challenges, primarily due to numerous uncertainties at the outset. However, I successfully deployed the application within a week, exceeding initial expectations. For a closer look at how the application works, please refer to the demo available in the YouTube link below.

Cloud gaming server deployment

During the COVID-19 lockdown, I took on a personal project related to gaming. I had purchased Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, but to my disappointment, it consistently crashed on my laptop, despite the system meeting the game's minimum requirements. After extensive research, I realized my laptop wasn't capable of running the game smoothly. Not wanting to upgrade my relatively new laptop, I explored alternative solutions. Eventually, I discovered that I could play the game by launching a high-GPU server in the cloud. However, this approach initially presented challenges with high latency and the need for substantial bandwidth. Determined to find a solution, I eventually overcame these hurdles. To assist others facing similar issues, I created a detailed tutorial video, outlining the steps I took to resolve these issues. This video was uploaded to YouTube and has garnered over 15,000 views, proving to be a valuable resource for many.

Developing a Real-Time Vaccine Slot Notification App During COVID-19 Lockdown

During the COVID-19 lockdown in India, I developed a useful application in response to the challenges people faced in booking vaccine appointments. As vaccines became available to the general public, securing a slot became a competitive task due to high demand and unpredictable slot release times. Recognizing the need for a more efficient system, I utilized the public APIs released by the government, which provided real-time data on slot availability. I created an AWS-based application that allowed users to specify their location. Once a vaccine slot became available in their area, the application would instantly send an email notification, enabling users to quickly book their appointment. Importantly, I designed this application to be replicable within the free tier limits of AWS, ensuring it was accessible and cost-free for anyone interested in using or recreating it. For those interested in how the application works, I have uploaded a demonstration video on YouTube, which can be found via the link provided below.

RBL Bank's Tech Tidbits

Mr. Sankarson Banerjee, the former CIO of RBL Bank, led a podcast that delved into the latest technological advancements in the banking sector. While primarily aimed at RBL Bank employees, the series also features guest lectures from prominent figures in the Indian banking industry. I had the opportunity to contribute to this series with a talk on Low Code No Code solutions. This podcast is now accessible through an Alexa skill, allowing listeners to easily play the recordings on their Alexa devices. If you're keen to explore these insightful discussions, I encourage you to check out this skill.

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